As I am.

Community Reactivating Cooperator in Japan.

Started a blog.

Hello. 你好。こんにちは。


I'm Keita. 

I'm working as "Community Reactivating Cooperator Squad" from next month in Toon-city in Japan.


Somehow I came up with the idea that I have to write a blog in English.  

(I'd been writing once before but I I'm gonna restart again.)


What is "Community Reactivating Cooperator Squad"??


Actually, I'm not sure why Japanese government name it like this. 


Japanese name is "地域おこし協力隊 (Chiiki okoshi kyouryokutai).


"地域(chiiki)" means region or area.

"おこし(okoshi)" which comes from the verb "興す(okosu)" means revitalize or reactivate.

"協力(kyouryoku) means cooperation.

"隊(tai)" means squad.


they said.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | Local Administration Bureau(LAB)


They translated literally from Japanese into English, but in my opinion "Rural Development Cooperator" is much easier to understand and also to introduce myself.


Because for me "easy to be understood" is important, and I don't care about titles or authorities.


You can't define oneself in one word, which is why I started writing this blog.


 Who are you writing to?




I'm gonna write this blog for people who doesn't understand Japanese, and for Japanese who want to know how to express what you are doing in English. 




And for the record of what I'm doing and what I'm thinking.

Sometimes it's hard to answer the questions like "what do you do?" or "what can you do?" , "What have you done?"...Because I am who I am.


I hope this blog would help you understand me.


I appreciate everyone who read this.

Thank you.